Carnegie Mellon University: Campus Pictures during Covid-19

Over the course of the past few days I went on a few runs through campus. I’m used to seeing campus full of people walking to and from lectures. Seeing the campus deserted was certainly an odd experience. The majority of the buildings were locked (even to students). The only building I could gain access to was the Cohen Center: Monday through Friday, 10 AM - 2 PM. The funniest thing about the Carnegie Mellon Campus is that - in my opinion - it looks best from April through September. Somewhat amusing that COVID-19 booted away students when the campus looked its best.

Anyways, on one of my runs I brought along my trusty phone and snapped away. These pictures are all taken on a Oneplus 7 Pro. The images came out a lot better than expected! Of course there’s some “minor” post processing done in Lightroom (we all love the clarity feature, well at least I do).

Carnegie Mellon University - Cohon Center

CMU Cohon Center

Carnegie Mellon University - Walking to the Sky

CMU Walking to the Sky

Carnegie Mellon University - Resnik

CMU Resnik

Carnegie Mellon University - Gates

CMU Gates

Carnegie Mellon University - Mall

CMU Mall

Carnegie Mellon University - Hammerschlag Hall

CMU Hammerschlag Hall